we mitigate the impact of carbon emissions through innovative and comprehensive services

The name 'Mitico' reflects our dedication to mitigating the impact of carbon emissions through innovative and comprehensive services.

As Mitico, we are positioned to play a pivotal role in the global efforts to combat climate change, offering a range of services that span the entire carbon capture value chain. We believe this transformation will not only strengthen our engagement with current clients but also open new avenues for collaboration with partners and investors who share our vision for a sustainable and low-carbon future.
C-Quester was founded in August 2022 as a spin-off from the California Institute of Technology.
The original company name reflects our goal to reduce the cost of carbon capture through innovative technologies. As we grew, we realized that a technology change is sometimes not sufficient to adopt carbon capture.
An integrated approach is better to reduce emissions more efficiently.

the team

Clement Cid, PhD
CEO & Co-founder
Alan Gu, PhD, PE
CTO & Co-founder
Leopold Dobelle
Head of Engineering & Co-founder
Hannah Szentkuti
R&D Intern
Wuwei Mo
R&D Intern
Peter Marx
Business Advisor
Ron Rogers
International Operations Advisor
Church Lewis
Financial Advisor