Mass Mitigation of Carbon Emissions

Mitico offers accessible carbon capture technology and services to mitigate the impact of industrial emissions on people and the climate:


Highly competitive CAPEX and OPEX enable carbon neutrality for even hard to decarbonize industries.


Capture & Tracking technologies created for effortless operation and easy implementation.


Designed with low impact materials and does not generate hazardous byproducts.


Mitico employs a collaborative approach with clients to identify and furnish the best solution to meet their carbon footprint reduction goals within their specific requirements.
The most innovative and effective solutions are proposed for capture, utilization, storage, and traceability of CO2.
The technology platform is adaptable across many scenarios to simply and effectively reduce industrial emissions.


Mitico’s carbon capture technology accelerates nature’s chemistry to capture and purify post-combustion CO2.
It utilizes non-toxic, abundant granulated metal carbonates (GMCs) to capture CO2. No poisonous components are used, no air contaminants are generated, and no hazardous byproducts are produced.


Mitico monitors and tracks the CO2 path using blockchain technology.
Once captured from the emitter, the CO2 is automatically traced through the purification system, into the storage tank, throughout transportation, and ultimately up to the point of use or sequestration. All the parties involved in the process can receive real-time verifiable performance certificates.